The Box

Easy to use, reliable, convenient, compact, and most of all fun. A retro gaming system and media center that lets you play thousands of games from the 80s-90s-early 2000s and stream a massive amount of movies/TV/etc. using KODI. Sega, Nintendo, Atari, and many more, as well as arcade games. Play the classic games of your childhood, discover others you've never heard of, show the kids what you used to play while they laugh at the graphics, watch just about any movie/documentary/special/whatever you can think of, catch up on or re-watch your favourite TV shows, find all kinds of streaming content, and so on... with one simple small device.

Do stuff you could never do on the those old systems, like save your game anywhere any time you want. Save in the middle of that tough level so you can reload later, and have several of these save slots for each game. Rewind games when you make a mistake, apply effects to give your screen a retro look & feel, or other custom visual enhancements. These are the kinds of features that you can't get with original hardware.

Connects to your TV or any display with HDMI, or old style TVs with an optional adapter. It has built in WiFi and a port for wired network as well. Features 4 USB ports and includes a USB hub for connecting 4 or more wired controllers. Wireless controllers are also available, and it may be possible to use your existing Xbox/Playstation controllers, please ask for details. You can also use a smartphone or tablet as a "virtual" controller. Runs on open source software, community developed and tested specifically for the hardware, which makes it very reliable.

Here's what you get:
  • The box with 64GB storage
  • AC adapter with ON/OFF switch
  • 1x Modern style game controller
  • 1x Retro style game controller
  • USB hub to support 4+ controllers
  • 10 foot USB extension (gives about 15 feet total)
  • KODI remote control (see options below)
  • Batteries for the remote

Additional game controllers can be added, including wireless controllers, and it may be possible to use your existing Xbox/Playstation controllers, please contact for details.


Modern style USB game controller
A USB game controller in modern format similar to Xbox or Playstation controllers with dual analog sticks, left and right triggers, left and right shoulder buttons, directional pad etc. Being USB it can also be used with other devices.
SNES or Super Famicom style USB game controller
A USB game controller in Super Nintendo or SuperFamicom style. A more basic controller for less frequent use that gives you multi-player capability. Being USB it can also be used with other devices.
Use your own Playstation / Xbox / Other controllers
If you already have controllers for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4, or some others as well they might work. Please contact for more information.
Use a smartphone as a controller
A smartphone can be used as a "virtual" controller. Perhaps not great for regular use, but an easy and free way to add controllers for occasional multiplayer. It's very easy, you just go to a webpage, you don't even need to install an app.

For the KODI remote, you have a few options:

Remote with keyboard/air mouse/learning functions
(improved version, mouse mode stays off/on when you want it)
Works as a traditional one hand "clicker" remote, a keyboard, and a mouse, all in one. It can also learn remote codes from other remote controls. Use this in KODI to make menu selections either with its mouse function or simple left/right/up/down buttons, and the keyboard makes it easy to search for the content you want.
Mini-Keyboard with touchpad mouse
A handheld wireless mini-keyboard with multi-touch touchpad in the center, as well as several additional media control and other buttons. More of a 2 hand device and the touchpad offers finer mouse control than an air mouse.
Use your phone or tablet as a remote
If you'd rather not have a physical remote you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control in KODI. The app is available on Apple/iOS and Android devices. The app can perform all the usual functions of a remote, as well as entering text for searches.
Bring your own remote
It's possible your existing TV remote can control the box via a feature called CEC. Also, if you have a remote you really like the feel of I can custom program the box to work with it. For custom programming the remote must be a traditional infrared (IR) remote, and while almost any remote can be made to work some will not. Contact me for details about either of these methods.

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